Biz Connection Radio Show Podcast

The Biz Connection is a weekly radio show aimed at the business community. Owners of businesses, large and small and at all stages of their business life are guests on our show.

Each week, hosts Jim Rosetti and Ron Nielsen learn about their guest's business and its ups and downs. They also discover ways all business owners can learn from the experiences of their guests. Tune in to learn what has worked and what hasn't for your neighboring business owners. The program is broadcast in Milwaukee on Sunday at 2:00 PM on JOY (1340 AM) or 98.7 FM, In Sheboygan on Saturday at 10:00 AM on WHBL (1330 AM), in Sheboygan Falls on Saturday at 8:00 AM on The Breeze (1420 AM) or listen to the podcast on iTunes at anytime.

For the non-business owner, you will also find our show entertaining and informative as you learn about businesses that have been around for years and years and those just starting up. So tell your friends to tune in. Our show appeals to a diverse audience. We invite business owners, business experts, business coaches, and business authors who have an interesting story to tell to come on our show. There is no sales pitch here. We are simply learning about your business, how and why you got started, and the important things you've learned along the way. We encourage you to forward a brief profile of your business and tell us you would like to be a guest on the show. The mission of the Biz Connection Radio Show is to educate, motivate, inspire, entertain and empower listeners. We want to create a forum that is interactive in the business community. We're talking business on the radio! Behind every business, there's a story to tell. On the Biz Connection, we're telling those stories...