Foureva Media's Lead the Movement Business Conference August 25, 2022, 8:00am CDT August 25, 2022, 9:00pm CDT
Fiserv Forum
1111 Vel R. Phillips Ave
Milwaukee, WI, 53203



BLUR THE LINE:  The goal of the Lead the Movement Business Conference is to provide Milwaukee a fresh new insight on how to go to market for their business, brand culture, recruitment, and community involvement.

  • This unique event connects inclusion, business, and community through the power of entertainment and results in diversity, inclusion, and positive culture within individuals, brands and businesses.
  • Learn how to use entertainment in your business strategies and goals.
  • Experience a conference by day and a concert by night.
  • Learn strategies, recruitment ideas, brand storytelling, personal branding, and how to connect.
  • The event features keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and interactive areas.
  • Build your personal brand, make connections, and get ideas.
  • Visit the Make-Your-Own Podcast area, photo opp area, and more!
  • Walk away with tangible takeaways and tactics!


  • 8:00AM     Registration
  • 9:00AM     Kick-off and Keynote
  • 9:45AM     Branding + Strategy
  • 10:45AM    BREAK / Entertainment
  • 11:00AM     Entertainment Session
  • 11:45AM     BREAK / Entertainment / Networking
  • 1:00PM       Tech Session
  • 2:15PM       BREAK / Entertainment
  • 2:30PM      Recruitment and Retention Session
  • 3:30PM      BREAK / Entertainment
  • 3:45PM      Keynote
  • 4:45PM      Closing Segment
  • 5:00PM      Concert
  • 6:00PM      Concert
  • 7:00PM      Concert



The panel will strive to create solutions to empower attendees in the community, business, and self.

Yvette Moyo, Real Men Charities, Inc.

Yvette Moyo is a social entrepreneur, brand builder, marketer, author, publisher, and co-founder of the Real Men Cook event that became a national Father's Day tradition.  In 2018 she became the President & CEO of the Quarry Event Center, owned by the social enterprise of the nonprofit she co-founded, Real Men Charities, Inc.

The November 6, 2017 Crain's Chicago Business and AARP named her one of 50 over 50 in Illinois in the Community Building category.  In 2014 Moyo launched the South Shore Current Magazine and the West of the Ryan Magazine in 2016, and increased her hyperlocal Chicago art, culture and business publishing efforts in 2020 with South Side Drive Magazine, Guide to the Good Life Chicago.  In 2015 she was honored at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reuinion as a Champion for Change, credited with changing the way Father's Day is celebrated in multiple U.S. cities.  Even the White House celbrated Father's Day with men serving dishes and promoting responsible fatherhood.  In 2001 before becoming U.S. President Barack Obama donned a Real Men Cook bandana and served at the event.  He mentioned Yvette in the foreword he wrote to the Simon & Schuster published book, "Real Men Cook: 100 Recipes for Family Celebration" in 2004 and 2004 hard cover and soft cover editions. 

Teegan Bartos, Jolt Your Career

Teegan Bartos founded her career coaching practice Jolt Your Career by leveraging the insights she gained through government, nonprofit, and recruiting roles in the careers industry.

She started her career with a Job Corps internship that quickly gained her recognition among the leadership team.  She introduced a Mentor Program and transformed the Center's Leadership Program and Career Prep Cirriculum.

As a WIOA Certified Case Manager for Business and Career Services, Inc., Teegan worked closely with veterans and job seekers impacted by RIFs, poverty, and unemployment.

Teegan then shifted to recruitment.  Despite impressive placement rates, she discovered her love of partenering with job seekers to advance their career goals. 

In the interest of spending more time with job seekers to shape careers in which they can thrive, Teegan founded and grew Jolt Your Career into the coaching firm that gives clients the confidence to create a clear vision and act purposefully.  

Teegan's Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University is supplemented by Certifications as a Career Management Coach and Case Manager, as well as an upcoming credential from Northwestern University in Organizational Leadership.


Jarrett Bush,  Jarrett Bush Motivates

As a motivational speaker, sports influencer and life coach, my mission is to motivate to inspire people to reach their life goals in the corporate world or on the sports field.  I will help generate the momentum you need to find the spark inside you so that you can achieve your dreams.  My method will create a ripple effect that instills in you the grace and determination to push forward!

My time with the Green Bay Packers from 2006 to 2014 inspired me to share how you can revive ambition.  During Superbowl XLV, I had the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance.  I learned how to bust thru the obstacles and rise to the occasion.  Get ready to seize the opportunity and achieve your moment.



B Justice,  Artist and Entrepreneur


A Refreshing Balance of Creativity & Authentic Word Play Over New Age Hip-Hop Production.  B Justice Is A Timeless Composer With A Passion To Motivate His Listeners To Greatness With His Scholar Life Movement.  He Believes A "Scholar Life" Is Accomplished When One Can Make A Living Doing Something They Love And Have Perfected.  B Justice Delivers An Explosive Live Performance Leaving His Audience Feeling Empowered And Motivated To Be Scholars In Their Own Right. 

Powered By His Clothing Line "Scholar Life Apparel" & Ownership Of A Used Car Dealership In His Hometown Of Milwaukee WI, The Entrepreneur Has Independently Released Numerous Singles & Music Videos.  In the Near Future He Plans On Touring And Putting Himself In Front Of Many More Potential Members Of The Scholar Life Movement.  

Foureva Media & Jamar Jones

Foureva Media was established by Jamar Jones in 2015.  We amplify brands to expand, like an entertainer.  Today, brands need to be relatable - to connect.  We offer branded entertainment to blur the marketing line and bring people together.  Our mission propels diversity, inclusion, and positive culture within individuals, brands, and businesses.  So, people, brands, communities, and businesses thrive with opportunity.   Visit the Foureva Media website to learn more:  Foureva Media

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Foureva Media's Lead the Movement Business Conference